Tickled Paws, LLC

P.O. Box 493Manassas, VA 20110
(202) 715-9373
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Categories: Animals, Pet Care

2 Reviews for Tickled Paws, LLC

kns525 Nov 29 @ 10:14
I would have originally (and did) recommended Tickled Paws/Inga. However within just a few months my opinion drastically changed. Do not hire under any circumstances! Unreliable, untrustworthy, and the worst dog walker and business I have ever dealt with. I have never run into such issues (or anything remotely close) with any other dog walker at any other time. To begin, we had the consult with Inga canceled b/c she was in a fender bender. It sure didnt sound like it on the phone but maybe she was. Strike 2 - She forgot she had a walked planned. she offered 3 free walks, which I took, to make up for it, but in 6 years, never has a dog walker simply just forgotten. The final straw ... We were out of town for the day and had 2 walks scheduled. She missed both of them. The dog was alone for 14 hours. Her husband (apparently...) wrote me from her account (?) saying she was in the hospital. However, her Facebook clearly indicated otherwise. So, she 1. lied. or 2. she has other people working for her, in a busi
kns525 Nov 29 @ 10:15
ess that just cant happen. last but not least - I immediately asked for the keys back, and apparently, according to her they got "lost in the mail." We changed the locks. who lies about being in the hospital!? Worst dog walker ever/

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